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Price Now

Inference Labs Private Limited

Your ultimate E-Com price intelligence and insights platform

Stay ahead of the curve and maximize your sales and profit margin with our Price comparison solution.

Gain valuable insights with our cutting-edge data analysis and powerful predictive modeling and make informed pricing decisions.

Analyze historical sales data and identify trends and patterns by leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning.


Gain insights into the market performance of the industry and identify the leading brands and models with our analysis of the correlation between price and ranking.

Utilize brand-to-brand analysis to:-

  • Analyze the correlation between your brand’s pricing and ranking with that of your competitors.

  • Evaluate the impact of price changes on sales.

  • Make informed decisions about pricing strategies.

  • Analyze the pricing strategies of competitors to determine your competitive dominance.

  • Gain insights into product ratings and rankings of the brand to instill the right innovations.

Nail these advanced metrics with Price Now to aid your pricing strategy

  • Get customized alerts and reports

  • Product Price and Ranking across E-Com websites

  • Price vs Discount analytics

  • Predictive analysis on time series data

  • Trends and patterns

  • Forecast future demand and many more!


Delve into our analysis of price versus ranking to gain
valuable insights into industry trends!

Use Brand Price Vs. Rank Analysis

  • To gain insights into the industry’s performance for a specific period.

  • To highlight the top-performing brands and their products.

  • To Analyze the correlation between pricing, discount and ranking.

  • To identify the top-performing brands and their products with the Brand Analysis Chart.