Ydistri - lite s.r.o.

Ydistri - lite s.r.o.

A smart tool rebalancing obsolete, excessive, and stock-out inventory in retail stores.

Ydistri, an algorithm-computed redistribution tool for the identification of unsold inventory (called „dead stock“) at current locations/stores. Instead of disposing of such goods at discounted prices, our AI tool forwards them to another store within the chain, where the goods have sales potential for the full price. It always consolidates such combinations of goods that are cheaper to re-allocate than sell out with discounts. The logistic costs are one of the key parameters we take into consideration.

On top of unsold inventory optimization, our tool also successfully solves the issue of suppliers out-of-stock due to (re)balancing the inventory from stores with inventory surpluses to stores with a lack of inventory. In the situation of supply-chain disruptions, almost half of our redistributions at our existing customers are covering out-of-stock.

The application platform works basically in three steps:

  1. Identifying problems with obsolete and excessive inventory (as source)
  2. Finding potentials for its relocation (as targets)
  3. Calculating consolidated shipments of products while optimizing operating and logistics costs.

Typical Use Cases

The solution fits best to retail chains with multiple stores or distribution centers having a broad portfolio of non-perishable products. Although the key is avoidance of dead stock by precise predictive analyses there are always factors like inaccuracy in forecasts, minimum order quantities, change in customer behavior, safety stock for out-of-stock avoidance, etc. that will always be generating dead stock in retail. This is the field where we are strong and effective pain killers.

Solution Benefits

  • Selling instead of storing – Get rid of obsolete and excessive inventory with no price reductions or writing-off
  • Speeding up turnover ratio while freeing up working capital
  • Generating additional revenue and margin
  • Preventing and reducing out-of-stock
  • Improving customer experience and brand perception
  • Helping assortment management