Strategic Roadmaps, (super-fast) QBR and IT Management templates for MSPs

Link your MSP work program to your client's strategic goals, and prove your successes. Are you doing what matters most to them?

Independent research tells us that Client-focused MSPs will win. MSPs that solve their client’s business problems will win :

  • demonstrate a strategic understanding of their clients
  • manage all their clients IT
  • have relationships with the business leaders

Tech focused MSP’s will lose : MSPs that stick with tickets, SLAs, life cycles, PCs and licenses will face increased competition, commodity pressures and decreased profit

5 Ways to with GetKambium

1. Easily create detailed account plans, so you know the 'what', 'when' and above all, the 'why' for opportunities with each client

2. Better QBRs with less effort required

3. Expand your service offering to add value as the trusted advisor over ALL your client's IT.

4. Reposition how new, and existing clients perceive your MSP business as a strategic advisor

5. Improve customer engagement & experience

Use getKambium to overcome the “MSP Paradox”

For years MSPs have dreaded and overused the “trusted advisor” label. But are you really your client’s IT trusted advisor? As your client’s move more of their platforms to the cloud and take on new cloud SaaS solutions, are they working with you to define, specify, integrate and deploy those solutions? If your client has someone else directing that work, then they are the trusted advisor, not you!

Being the “IT GUY” is no longer good enough.

You can change that. You can become the consultant your clients rely on to co-ordinate all their IT services.

Beat the “MSP Paradox”.

getKambium enables :

  • MSP staff to become consultants.
  • Sales people have business focused discussions
  • MSPs to convert strategic business needs into actionable opportunities
  • MSPs to show their value