OASYS^ Service Management

LOLC Technologies Limited

OASYS^ Service Management

LOLC Technologies Limited

Embrace Your Business Transformation & Automation

OASYS^ provides a modern, cloud based and all-inclusive service management solution. With OASYS^ businesses, organizations can integrate an array of functional departments into one cohesive platform, enabling users to log, track and resolve issues in a variety of domains, automate workflows, gain real time visibility, and improve productivity.

Key features of the OASYS^

  • Help desk
- Ticket management
- Automatic assignment & routing process
- Incident management

  • Workflow management

- Provide platform to build and manage your own workflows

- No code low code, system integrations with the workflows

  • Asset Management
- IT and Non IT Asset Management with automatic IT asset discovery
  • Integrations
- WhatsApp - Faster Request approvals through WhatsApp
- Microsoft Teams - Create, Update, and collaborate on your tickets & request approval through Microsoft Teams
  • Reports & Analytics
- Dynamic Report Builder & Scheduler
- Power BI Analytical dashboards

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The pricing is based on the deliverables and the customizations and modules that are required by the customer.