All-in-one application development platform for web agencies, IT services companies and startups

Fortpress is a full JS application management system. From the dashboard, you can develop a blazing fast website and improve your natural SEO. Your customers or visitors will enjoy a smooth navigation, and you will enjoy an esay management.

Integrated dev tools

Fortpress provides an integrated code editor, for HTML, JS and CSS. You can manage SNAPs (serverless like plugins with hooks and events), URIs, your sitemap, html templating, a native blog and much more. SNAPs can communicate with both front end and backend, and conserve their state accross the time.


  • Simple technologies: HTML / JS / CSS
  • Integrated unopiniated templating system
  • One click deployment with Azure
  • Free integrated HTTPS/SSL certificate management with Let's Encrypt
  • Hook and Event system to fine tune your application or website
  • Translation management system
  • Users management
  • Library management (to upload pictures, PDF, scripts ...)
  • Blog management
  • Sitemap automatic generation
  • Plugin system, to extend Fortpress functionnalities
  • Easy NodeJS modules integration
  • Project export/import
  • Auto multi-threading scaling

Who can use Fortpress

Fortpress is perfect for SME and companies looking for an easy to setup tool to create a website, a webapp, an API, or any webservice.


Q: Which instance is recommended to get started?
A: We recomend the B1S instance to get started

Q: Can I upgraded my plan after?
A: Yes, you just need to change the instance type to take a bigger/smaller