Binokula - Power BI Report Sharing

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Binokula - Power BI Report Sharing

Stellar Consulting Group

Share your insights with the world. Binokula - simple, secure and scalable Power BI report sharing.

Binokula - Simple Power BI report sharing

Simple for users:

  • Users only need a browser. There is no software to install.  They do not need a Power BI Pro or Free license.
  • Users can view Power BI fully interactive reports natively on Mac and iOS devices.
  • Authorized users can share an interactive report with an associate by emailing then a 'report URL link'.
  • Users can log in with their standard Microsoft account, or with a Binokula managed login and password.

Simple for your Administration:

  • Flexible user and report management.  Flexible structure for assignment of reports to users.
  • Use Row-Level-Security (RLS) to enable different users to view the same report but only view their data.
  • A single, simple interface that enables administration to be preformed by a business unit.

Maintain and extend your organization's presence:

  • Customize Binokula colors and login pages to your organization's visual standards.
  • Use the Binokula API to share Power BI reports inside your own web portal application.  Enables you to use Binokula as a back-end for seamless user authentication and report access management. 

Manage your report sharing costs:

  • Scale-up only when you need by adding 50 users at a time.
  • Power BI Embedded node cost optimization solutions are included.