Azure Virtual Desktop: 5-Week Implementation

3Cloud, LLC

Enable secure remote work and quickly scale to meet business needs with AVD.

Is your organization struggling to address remote workforce or scale needs with your current environment?

With Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), you can enable your remote workforce and meet constantly changing business needs with the burstable scale and cost efficiency of Microsoft Azure. AVD lets you reduce license costs, leverage automation, and virtualize applications that require specialized hardware without capital investment.

3Cloud delivers an AVD deployment tailored to meet all of your operational and security needs. We start with an initial assessment of your use cases that align to AVD, and then create a customized migration plan. An AVD pilot for selected applications and users helps you test out a limited AVD environment and prepare for a production deployment. Finally, we deploy a full AVD environment and provide operational support as needed.

AVD Engagement Steps:

  • Azure Landing Zone –provide a scalable and well-governed Azure environment to serve as the foundation for AVD deployment
  • Assess and Design – identify on-prem workloads and user profiles that align to AVD and map migration path
  • Implement and Scale – deploy a full AVD environment and validate functionality