Cloud for Marketing by 55 | full day use case Workshop


The objective of the workshop is to define the marketing data architecture and organization you need to implement the top priority use cases that will help you reach your business objectives.

Having a firm grip and ownership on your marketing data is paramount for your business. Our approach, called In House Marketing Modeling, aims at regaining full control on the set of tools, data sources and algorithms used to inform your marketing decisions.

First, you need to have a detailed list of the use cases you want to see up and running, this will make it possible for you to define the relevant and efficient data architecture that will help you reach your objectives. During this workshop, you will assess your objectives and constraints against market realities and existing best practices.

The outcome of the workshop will be a roadmap and a set of recommendations in terms of teams, skills and technologies to leverage. You should have a clear view on the following questions : What do I have to do to adapt to the post cookie era ? How should I evolve my tech stack ? What is the data governance framework I should put in place ? What are the Azure components I should leverage to build a data platform that will help me maange and optimize my marketing mix ?

This tactical approach will help phase the different Azure components to include in the setup (data lake storage features , Pipeline structure and governance using Data factory, etc...).

The In House Marketing Modeling approach deserves a customized augmented decision tool. After this workshop, the next step would be to build the Power Apps customized tool to easily inform marketing decision.