Application Modernization: 3-Week Assessment

ABCloudZ, Inc.

We assist organizations to modernize legacy apps for better performance, security, and cost-efficiency. The assessment offers a roadmap and recommendations for modernization.

Running a legacy solution leads to excessive spending on application maintenance and support, missed opportunities for technological innovation and integration, and potential security vulnerabilities resulting in the loss of your competitive edge. If you don’t want to be an outsider in the world of application development, it is vital to upgrade your app and acknowledge that successful app modernization hinges on a comprehensive initial assessment.

Gain a clear understanding of how you can upgrade your outdated solutions to meet the latest demands of the application market using a comprehensive range of Azure technologies. Whether you're dealing with challenges related to outdated technology, software compatibility issues, data migration and preservation, skills gaps, or any other obstacles preventing you from achieving a future-proof architecture design, ABCloudz will assist in defining a roadmap for technology transformation, seamless integration with modern Azure solutions and services such as Power BI on Azure, improved business agility supported by Azure Availability Zones.

Owning the Microsoft Partnership and a team of over 25 Microsoft-certified specialists, ABCloudz possesses the in-depth knowledge and experience to handle the most specific cases, providing tailored solutions that ensure business scalability, effectiveness, and competitiveness.

To find the optimal approach to modernize your application, we:
*Evaluate your business requirements and modernization options that align with your objectives *Assess your application’s current architecture to gain a clear understanding of its structure and functionality *Assess your data quality, databases, data integrations, and data breakdown *Determine the main obstacles to your application modernization *Evaluate your app’s security gaps, compliance risks, and other potential vulnerabilities *Analyze your tech stack to find technologies that can be substituted with more contemporary alternatives *Examine your application’s cloud readiness
*Evaluate the approximate cost and ROI on your modernization effort.

Here is a typical workflow that we apply to application modernization projects.
1. Discovery phase includes: *Application inventory *Stakeholder interviews *Assessment scope definition *Documentation collection

2. Assessment phase involves: *General application assessment *Application infrastructure assessment *Data assessment *Technology stack evaluation *Security assessment *Cloud readiness assessment *Risk analysis *Cost analysis

3. Recommendations phase comprises: *Application modernization assessment summary *Application modernization options *Modernization approaches *Azure services and components recommendations and analysis *Implementation roadmap *Cost estimation

To minimize the risks associated with application modernization, we utilize our trusted risk migration and effective planning practices, minimizing disruptions and delivering unmatched success rates consistently. We employ rigorous planning and thorough analysis of your data infrastructure to recommend the best approach for your application modernization. This may involve using Microsoft Master Data Services for data unification or implementing our customized practices that facilitate the modernization of your legacy applications to the Azure cloud. To ensure uninterrupted business operations, we develop a clear vision for a hybrid application migration involving SQL Servers on Virtual Machines. We can also create a detailed roadmap for the growth of your application infrastructure with services like Azure SQL Database Elastic Pool.

When you work with ABCloudz, you can rest assured that: *Quality is paramount to us, so no vital details about your current application and its modernization possibilities are overlooked. *We take pride in our extensive expertise, having likely encountered similar cases to yours and knowing precisely where to find the best opportunities for the modernization of your application specifically. *We maintain complete transparency, encourage open communication, and are prepared to explain, illustrate, or discuss any aspect of our application modernization assessment. *We value your budget and identify the most cost-effective approach to modernization, ensuring you don't overspend. *We offer a comprehensive modernization assessment that accelerates solution delivery by at least threefold. *We go beyond the standard assessment of your business requirements and strive to understand the bigger picture, enabling you to gain a competitive advantage.

Our application modernization assessment is your one-stop solution for cost optimization through flexible Azure pricing, agility and data integration through Azure Data Factory, data-driven decision-making through Power BI integrations, enhanced system security and continuity through Azure Availability Zones, and autoscaling through Azure App Service.