2-Day DevOps Modernization Workshop

Active Solution Sverige AB

With Active DevOps Modernization we work using a systematic method for analyzing your current DevOps-process and suggests how to modernize your way of working.

We live in a changing world and this also applies to the IT systems we develop. Systems that adopts to the new requirements continue to create value. To work efficient, an agile approach with DevOps in mind is a winning concept. Gradually streamlining and automating routines around, for example, development, testing and deployment means that you can develop IT systems more quickly.

At Active Solution, we have delivered hundreds of projects where DevOps has been a key factor in working efficiently. With Active DevOps Modernization, we work according to a systematic method for analyzing your current situation and produce an Active DevOps Index. Based on Security, Automation, Quality and Cost Optimization, we examine the following phases of the development cycle:

  • Development
  • Building automation
  • Test
  • Releases
  • Infrastructure
  • Monitoring

With this as a basis, our consultants determine where you are on the scale of the Active DevOps Index and suggest what areas to improve to create as much value as possible in your business by using services in Azure. We will look on how services like these can accelerate your DevOps Modernization journey – making you work faster and more secure:

  • GitHub
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Load Testing
  • Azure DevTest Labs
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure KeyVault

The work consists of multiple stages:

  • Pre-meeting: Set the custom agenda for your needs and ensure the right persons take part in the workshop
  • Workshop day 1: Visualize and get a common understanding of the current situation on a high level
  • Workshop day 2: Deep dive into the areas we found the most important from day 1
  • Presentation: Our consultants summarize and presents the result and roadmap ahead

This workshops is targeted towards organizations that want to start with DevOps already have started but want to be inspired to modernize and take their DevOps process to the next level. Active DevOps Modernization aims to:

  • Get an overview of what your current situation looks like
  • Be inspired by the possibilities of automation to increase quality and safety
  • Roadmap on how you can work towards a more comprehensive and efficient DevOps processes