Azure Landing Zone Implementation

Adastra Corporation

Prepare to deploy, scale, and manage secure and governed workloads and applications with Adastra’s Azure Landing Zone Assessment

Unlocking Azure Excellence with Adastra's Cloud Transformation

As your business evolves, the need for seamless cloud integration becomes imperative. Adastra, a Microsoft Solutions Partner, offers a comprehensive Azure transformation program designed to elevate your cloud journey.

Step 1: Free Visioning / Discovery Workshop

Discover your current data center, infrastructure, network, and app/data landscape in a collaborative 2-hour session with Adastra's subject matter experts (SMEs). Optionally, create a Microsoft Assessment as a Service report for migration estimates.

Step 2: Designing Future State Azure Landing Zone

In a 2-week design and plan workshop, Adastra will define your future state cloud goals and perform a gap analysis. This includes designing a robust Azure landing zone architecture aligned with your objectives. Key elements covered are:

  • Tenant, management group, resource, and tagging design
  • Hybrid network design, layered network protection design, and infrastructure as code design
  • DevOps and cloud security design
  • Data security and governance design
  • Cloud governance design

Step 3: Funded 4-Week Implementation ($25k Value)

Adastra will size and price your Azure future state subscription, providing costing and ongoing support structures for a 5-year Azure state. Deliverables include a detailed plan and implementation proposal for your landing zone setup, along with an approach/roadmap for post-landing zone Data Use Case implementation.


  • Discovery findings, future state goals, and gap analysis report
  • Optional tool reports summarizing migration scope
  • Specifications for tenant, network, DevOps, security, and cloud governance design
  • TCO report for cloud modernization
  • Cost reduction techniques and detailed implementation plan
  • Roadmap for data use case onboarding

Embark on a cloud transformation journey with Adastra - Your Trusted Azure Partner. Contact us to unlock the full potential of your cloud infrastructure.