Forecaster 4-weeks implementation


Implementation of a modern prediction solution, which provide reliable data for the processes of demand planning, production, budgeting, management of resources, inventory of goods, cost optimization

APN Forecaster is a response to the needs of companies related to the provision of reliable data for the processes of demand planning, production, budgeting, effective management of resources, stock of goods, cost optimization, etc.

During the implementation in the modern Azure environment, on the one hand, we review the possibility of using the tool for automated forecasts in various areas of the customer's activity, and on the other hand, we prepare a model allowing for the prediction of the size of the analyzed areas (e.g. sales, production costs) in future periods.

The architecture of the solution will be based on a modern analytical environment in the Azure cloud. To work with data, we will use components such as Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, Azure Machine Learning. The results of the model's operation will be presented in the form of a Power BI report.

The business goal we want to achieve is a minimization of work related to the preparation of a number of analyses for the purpose of developing a model or a set of models and assessment of their forecasting quality. No need for accurate parameterization of models and tedious process of their development, which saves time and makes more efficient use of data analysts' working time. Thanks to the application for automated forecasts, it is not necessary to have statistical knowledge to prepare a reliable model.


  • Overview of Azure Modern Data Warehouse with Power BI capabilities
  • Setup of Azure platform to ingest and transform data
  • 1 Forecasting model
  • 1 Power BI report with insights on key metrics

Outcome: Forecasting solution in the Azure cloud architecture that quickly and accurately forecasts key business metrics

Cost: Depending on the scope of data and selected approach, the project will take around 4 weeks to develop the target solution. The cost of services can be about EUR 13,300 net, and the estimated cost of Azure will be 500 - 2 000 EUR net.