App Modernization (CAF Adopt): Implementation


Choose the best application modernization services for your business

Choose the best application modernization services for your business for being migrated to Microsoft Azure. Together with customer we will choose one application that will be migrated during 1-Day. Depending on application complexity we can allocate more time foe having a fully functional app in Microsoft Azure at the end of this project.

REFACTOR Platform as a service (PaaS) options can reduce the operational costs that are associated with many applications. It’s a good idea to slightly refactor an application to fit a PaaS-based model. Refactor also refers to the application development process of refactoring code to enable an application to deliver on new business opportunities.

REARCHITECT Some aging applications aren’t compatible with cloud providers because of the architectural decisions that were made when the application was built. In these cases, the application might need to be rearchitected before the transformation. In other cases, applications that are cloud-compatible, but not cloud-native, might create cost efficiencies and operational efficiencies by rearchitecting the solution into a cloud-native application.

REBUILD In some scenarios, the delta that must be overcome to carry an application forward can be too large to justify further investment. This is especially true for applications that previously met the needs of a business but are now unsupported or misaligned with the current business processes. In this case, a new code base is created to align with a cloud-native approach.