Hybrid Identity & Access Management: 8 - Week Implementation


The goal of the project is to strategize and implement an Identity and Access Management solution based on Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016 and Azure Active Directory.

Even though cloud-based, hybrid work and digital processes have opened new opportunities, they have also created new risks. Identity and access management incorporates relevant processes, policies, and tools, to protect people and devices from modern-day threats and vulnerabilities. Solutions like MIM (2016) and Azure AD Premium will enable your enterprise to unlock relevant security capabilities and manage identities in a centralized manner.

Scope of Engagement:

This implementation focuses on designing, building, testing, and deploying MIM 2016 and Azure AD Premium in the customer production environment. It is composed of two modules – The foundation Module and the HR Module. The MIM Foundation module enables the management of users, contacts, and groups in Active Directory from the MIM portal. The MIM HR module augments effective management of user accounts, credentials, and associated entitlements from HR management and information systems.

Based on the request the solution can either be deployed to on-premises DC or Azure IaaS framework.

Project Benefits:

  • Reduces IT costs and improves your security posture with enhanced controls for user and group management.
  • Empowers your end-users to manage their own profile information.
  • Establishes processes to control how external users are managed in your AD.
  • Supports integration with all your cloud applications (including third-party) for enhanced identity security framework.

The project duration and the pricing will depend on the following factors

  • Number of connected systems (both on-premises and cloud).
  • Number of processes automated.
  • On-site/remote delivery.

Note: Our offer leverages Azure AD premium subscription which incorporates cloud and on-premises part of identity management technologies.