Computer Vision Accelerator: 10-Day Workshop

Aware Group

A two-week engagement to showcase Computer Vision functionality and integration with the wider Azure platform through a series of exercises, leveraging real customer data.

Aware Group have designed this Computer Vision engagement to help accelerate the trial, pilot, and deployment stages of computer vision projects through a series of hands-on-labs and proof-of-value exercises, built in your Azure tenant.

We’ll work side-by-side with your team to assess existing computer vision work, establish a deployment plan and pipelines, set up a testing framework to prove results against your specific use case, and work with stakeholders to align the resulting solution to the specific needs of your business.

Topics covered include Azure Custom Vision, Azure Cognitive Services, MLOps, Security and Privacy, and more.

Your engagement will be targeted to your specific needs, but may include:

Discovery Planning & preparation to gather background, define approach and business problem.

Milestone 1 (Day 1) Existing project/data deep-dive, spin up customer subscription, introduction to cognitive services.

Milestone 2 (Days 2-4) Train initial model against your data, deploy an API to your tenant, integrate with a basic workflow

Milestone 3 (Days 5-9) Set up Azure DevOps, create build and deployment pipeline, draft testing process.

Close-out (Day 10) Summary report, future planning, retrospective, next steps + wrap-up.

Pre-requisites: In order to get the most from this programme, you should already have collected some data, and preferably have an initial model trained.