Data Center Migration: Azure IaaS 6Wk Implementation

Bespin Global MEA FZCO

Ready to migrate your on-premise services to the cloud? Accelerate your Data Center migration to Azure with BESPIN as your trusted migration partner

BESPIN, as a Microsoft partner with advanced specializations in Windows Server & SQL Server Migration to Azure and Linux & Open Source Databases Migration to Azure, has the expertise to ensure a seamless and hassle-free transfer of all your workloads to the cloud.

For successful data center migration to Azure for our customers, we follow these steps:

  1. Gathering the requirements of the on-premises infrastructure.
  2. Carrying an architecture session with customer experts to discuss and create the optimal architecture in Azure.
  3. Implementing automation for the migration process.
  4. Creating new or modifying the existing infrastructure in Azure.
  5. Migration of all selected workloads to the Azure IaaS. 
  6. Improving the efficiency of the Azure infrastructure.

Azure Migration Engagement:

Initial Phase (1 Day):

A 1-Day Workshop to kickstart your migration journey

  • Understand Business Objectives & motivations for Cloud Adoption
  • Identify Current State & Pain Points
  • Cloud Adoption Framework walkthrough & assessment
  • White Boarding: Define a new or finetune existing Strategy
  • Identify priority Initiatives & next steps

Assess & Plan (2 weeks):

Assess your existing digital estate and create a cloud roadmap

  • Discovery: data gathering of IT inventory & utilization
  • Study current network, security design, and business continuity plan
  • Readiness for Azure
  • Rationalize cloud sizing & create a TCO report
  • Design Landing Zone

Prepare & Migrate (4 weeks):

  • Prepare for the migration by creating a migration plan & landing zone
  • Create a migration plan
  • Design a BCDR strategy
  • Migrate identified workloads
  • Setup Monitoring & Management services
  • Post Migration Support


  • Business Case
  • TCO Report
  • Landing Zone Architecture Design
  • Migration Approach & Plan