Data & BI Maturity Framework: 6 Weeks Assessment


Create a Data & BI transformation roadmap based on discovery & maturity assessment with EASE framework & transform data into intelligence with the right adoption of Azure-based Data & BI tools.

Birlasoft's EASE framework focuses on - Explore, Analyze, Strategize and Execute. It is a short-focused assessment to help organizations build a Azure based data roadmap and align data and analytics initiatives to their business strategy. -- Explore the business context and long-term goals and analyze needs -- Analyze current Data & BI landscape and prepare qualitative fitment analysis -- Strategize futuristic landscape and create a detailed roadmap based on Microsoft Azure Data & BI solutions -- Execute and implement the proposed solution

This assessment framework will help customers to realign their technology roadmap from on-premises legacy Data & BI systems to Microsoft Azure-based Data and BI platform (including tools such as Azure Data Factory, Data Bricks , Azure Synapse Analytics, and Microsoft Power BI), which will help customers to achieve greater agility, scalability and cost optimization.

It broadly takes 4 to 6 weeks, which includes business workshops, current state diagnosis and fitment analysis, piloting and future state blueprint, and Azure BI roadmap creation. Birlasoft will leverage its comprehensive and ready-to-use templates, checklists from a functional and technology perspective and its toolkit - TruBI, for the current state assessment.

Agenda ( 4 to 6 weeks) - Week 1: Workshops with Business and technical team on need analysis. Understand the current business context, organization and IT Week 2 & 3: Current State Diagnostic and fitment analysis both from Quantitative and Qualitative perspective Week 4: Assess cost reduction potential and modernization opportunities and Future State Definition Week 5 & 6: Data & BI Strategy on Azure & Roadmap

NOTE: The assessment pricing may vary depending upon the scope of the assessment (number, size, and complexity of the applications).