Azure Platform Security & Compliance:3Wk Assesment

BlakYaks limited

BlakYaks will assess the customers Azure platform security posture and provide detailed recommendations and a plan to address gaps and optimise the architecture.

This Azure platform security and compliance assessment is a detailed inspection of a customers approach to deploying and maintaining a strong security posture across key production Azure services. Our expert team will review how Azure policy and CIS benchmarks are being used along with security tools and processes to maintain a strong security posture throughout the life-cycle of the platform.

As a CIS SecureSuite member we are able to check the security approach of the Azure platforms as well as the services that are hosted on that platform. The engagement will culminate in a security and compliance risk report and gap analysis with key recommendations pertaining to strategy, tools, processes, policies and controls.

Deliverable and outcomes include the following:

  • Azure environment - Gap analysis and report outlining current security risks (prioritised) as a result of a weak security posture in the core tenant
  • Azure platform compliance report identifying gaps in process that prevents security compliance drift
  • Recommendations (prioritised) covering new tools, processes and policies that the customer should implement to maintain and strong security and security compliance posture
  • Recommendations to cover real time security and compliance analysis and response processes
  • Recommendations to ensure security events are logged and retained for historic analysis
  • Detailed plan with indicative costs and timings to improve and maintain the customers Azure platform security posture going forward