Modern Data Platform Migration: 1-Week Assessment


This MDP migration assessment uses BlueGranite's Catalyst - a collection of techniques, approaches, and tools designed ensure a well-architected solution and complete roadmap for your solution.

This Assessment focuses on migration to the Microsoft Azure Data Platform from traditional on-premises data warehouse or data mart platforms such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB/2, etc. The engagement entails a strategic overview, discovery, and migration planning. With expert guidance from a senior BlueGranite consultant, this Assessment helps organizations understand how the Azure Data Platform fits into an overall future strategy along with its impact on personal analysis, small team analysis, and large/enterprise analytics and AI scenarios. The resulting migration plan will set your organization on a path to leverage a modern data platform for advanced analytics and digital transformation!

Activities and topics:

Azure Data Services Workshop Expert-led presentations on the power and variety of Azure Data Services available to account for virtually any data workload and scenario, including Azure Databricks, Data Factory, Data Lake Storage, Synapse Analytics, and more!

Readiness Assessment Assess current data movement, security, governance and storage, along users, and analytical capabilities. Provide a readiness report of findings and actionable recommendations.

Migration Planning Roadmap for migrating existing solutions and capabilities to Azure Data Platform, providing continuity, minimizing disruption, and reducing cost.