Azure Migration Assessment

boxxe Limited

Driving organisational change and cloud adoption through comprehensive Azure Migration Assessments.

The business landscape is rapidly evolving with the introduction of emerging cloud technologies, there is a continuously increasing demand for improved agility, scalability and simplified operations. Many organisations are considering the potential of cloud adoption however it is difficult to estimate the costs and resource requirements associated with a transition to cloud without conducting adequate migration assessments.

boxxe provide a comprehensive Azure migration assessment that is designed to evaluate on premise environments and understand the viability of transitioning towards a mature cloud strategy. This will enable customers to develop an in depth understanding of the costs, resources and security implications associated with an Azure migration.

boxxe undertake a collaborative assessment process to truly understand how the desired business outcomes can be achieved through an effective cloud migration. boxxe will conduct a multitude of various activities to gain granular insights around the existing environment in addition to discovering opportunities for optimisation and consolidation.

The assessment will include a detailed cost report to drive financial accountability and identify opportunities to reduce excess spend, this will be highly beneficial both for the migration in addition to the ongoing operation of the cloud environment.

Scope of Engagement:

• Conduct requirements gathering workshop to evaluate business and technical requirements • Conduct scoping activities and outline targeted resources that are to be included within the migration • Undertake discovery activities to gain a comprehensive understanding of in scope applications • Deploy and configure specialist assessment tools to collect resource data • Size Azure resources based on the on-premise utilisation requirements • Conduct a cost analysis and present potential options available in alignment with performance, security and budget requirements. • Create a recommendations document outlining risks, benefits and considerations associated with various options • Develop a cloud strategy roadmap to align objectives and facilitate migration planning