Data Mesh Modern Enterprise: 8-Weeks Assessment

Capgemini Group

Capgemini engage with organizations to help adopt Data mesh paradigm into their futureproof data strategy and enable them to manage data at scale.

All most all enterprises across the globe have been leveraging data to stay relevant to their customers in this fast-moving world. While the past decade witnessed a heavy investment on data consolidation to break down the silos which incurred more complexity, challenges to manage data at scale, slowed down data democratization and eventually reduced the value realization. In this decade organizations are focussing on only one thing – maximize value realization by utilizing the true potential of data. To do that, more and more enterprises are starting to adopt Data Mesh pattern into their futureproof data strategy. While all enterprises possess a common goal of maximizing the business value addition, however adopting, and finally implementing Data Mesh requires an exclusive tailor fit approach depending on the enterprise vision, mission, and its culture to minimize the risk. Capgemini provides a range of services from strategy to implementation under its ‘Accelerated Data Mesh Implementation on Azure for Modern Enterprises’ offering to help enterprises gracefully embrace their Data Mesh adoption journey.

In this 8 weeks Assessment, We would help with the following Offerings

  1. Data Mesh Adoption Readiness Assessment • For enterprises who are starting up their Data Mesh adoption journey • Assessment of enterprise as-is capability, data maturity and understanding future aspiration through a series of discovery workshops • Define best fit data mesh deployment pattern, data product ownership style, target organization structure & operating model and required capability map for data mesh adoption

  2. Data Product Strategy & Design Services • For Enterprises who has adopted Data Mesh driven data strategy • Business focused Data Product Strategy and Value Analysis • User centred requirements gathering, using Design Thinking & Business Event Analysis and Modelling (BEAM) techniques • Domain Driven Data Product design and modelling, to establishing a ‘bounded context’ for decentralized data products.

Key benefits to the client: • Improve CXO confidence by identifying clear business cases for data mesh adoption aligning with enterprise vision, business objective and justifying ROI • Accelerate the client’s time to value for data mesh adoption journey by 20%, enabling Capgemini’s pre-built, pre-tested, plug and play IDEA for Azure Data Mesh Platform Accelerators • Reduce program implementation risk and increase operational resilience by adopting tailored deployment pattern suitable to enterprise need • A Library of Re-usable Data Products that will accelerate delivery of value