Secure Account Lifecycle Management: 8 Week Imp


Secure Account Lifecycle Management – Streamline and automate the account management lifecycle with Azure AD and Workday! 

Combining Azure Active Directory with a specialized system for human capital management such as Workday multiplies the strengths of both. The goal is optimal control of the user identity lifecycle, from onboarding to termination and re-hire. But you may find hidden costs to achieving this goal: account provisioning still requires manual intervention in many cases, and development is still necessary to fully automate tasks like license assignment.

Our solution provides an automated and integrated solution between Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Workday, with the following benefits:

Enhance enterprise HR management
  • Automated processes minimize errors
  • Pull new users from Workday and automatically create them in AAD
  • Synchronize updates to user data from Workday to AAD
  • Write-back primary email addresses from AAD to Workday
  • Provide SSO from AAD to Workday and other third-party apps
  • Assign licenses to Azure and other applications automatically, based on dynamic user groups
Protect your app and users
  • Adherence to security guidelines recommended for Azure implementations
  • All sensitive data stored in Azure Key Vault
  • Complex password assignment and secure communication to users
Use the latest in powerful app development
  • Built to follow Microsoft’s latest recommended approaches
  • Make changes without deploying code assemblies
  • Instructive examples help accelerate other Azure development
  • Activity logging for auditing and reporting
  • Error handling with alerts via email
Streamline integration
  • Overcome challenges encountered when integrating Workday identity management with AAD
  • Avoid the effort to research, design and prototype your full identity management solution
  • Please note pricing is an estimate and may change based on the number of seats needed.