Azure Governance: 1 Day Workshop


A 1 day, on-site Azure governance workshop and consultation to evaluate your current policies and procedures and align with the pillars of a strong Azure governance model.

ClearPointe has found that companies have very strict policies and procedure concerning how they manage traditional IT environments, but have trouble developing such controls for Azure based environments. During these workshops, we work to align your current policies and desired goals with the pillars of a strong Azure governance model.

Azure governance plans create overarching policies and procedures that address any of your concerns plus any additional requirements that are unique to your company or industry including, but not limited to: Provisioning, Resource Policy, Naming Standards, RBAC (Role Based Access Controls), Organizational Hierarchy and Subscription Management, Development Testing, and Usage and Cost Reporting. It is essential to have a strong hold on decision making processes and the criteria involved in managing Azure workloads. No matter where you are in the Azure journey, it is crucial to deploy a plan to address security and control. ClearPointe works with companies to develop governance plans that eliminate common concerns such as defining naming conventions or using cloud services that have not been evaluated to meet compliance or regulatory standards.

WORKSHOP DETAILS & DELIVERABLES During this workshop, a ClearPointe engineer will listen to your business requirements and evaluate your current policies and procedures. Based on these discussions, ClearPointe will present a Findings and Recommendations report outlining the priorities, focus and next steps on how to proceed with your Azure governance plan.