Azure Modernization Factory: 1 week assessment


A comprehensive consulting solution designed to effectively migrate & modernize applications from traditional on-premises & data centers, and 3rd party clouds to innovative Azure cloud technologies.

Based on experience, informed best practices and Cognizant’s deep Microsoft Azure expertise, the Intelligent Business Applications accelerates the enterprise digital journey and helps your organization to evolve, innovate and adapt infrastructure and applications quickly to evolving business dynamics.
Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider and member of the Microsoft Information Security Association - MISA) acts as your knowledgeable guide to help utilize and implement a set of structured methodology and tools to assess, migrate or modernize and manage the on-premises infrastructure, applications and data leveraging the Azure cloud native functionality.

The offering begins the business modernization journey with assessment of the existing environments to identify dependencies, determine target cloud resource types and then provides budgetary estimates and indicative timelines required for a successful cloud migration and modernization outcome, a typical assessment duration is one to two weeks, but this will vary based on the environment to be modernized.

Typical outcomes from the assessment would include:

  • Migration/Modernization Strategy
  • Solution dependencies
  • Target cloud platform resources
  • Project plan with timeline
  • Cost estimate

The next step is to either migrate resources, and/or plan revisions to source-code (to add new functionality) or re-build the app from scratch to extend capabilities and more extensively realize the benefits offered by a platform native architecture. Once the modernized cloud applications are online, our team of experts continually track, manage, and optimize the cloud environment through a 24x7 modern manage services approach.
Offer price relates to the initial consultation. The actual pricing and duration for the assessment and implementation will be customized based on scope and requirements determined during the initial consultation. Please get in touch with us to get more information.