First Line Worker Solution:2 Week Proof of Concept

Communication Square LLC

This 2 week Proof of Concept is designed to help every IT Director utilize a scalable solution that connects to their workforce utilizing voice, video and chat.

###Process The Communication Square team will create a demo environment in Microsoft Azure Cloud explicitly for you so you can test secure communication and collaboration with your first line workers and other employees.

An Azure Certified Consultant will then share with you a report of successful demo environment creation and credential to access the environment which is secured by Azure Information protection policies, which helps you protect sensitive data in Azure Cloud and easy access to first line workers.

1-You receive a Demo Environment showing an ideal use case of Secure Communication and collaboration Solution in action for first line and other workers. 2-Report about suggestions to start working securely with your field workers (for up-to 5 users). 3-Report about Azure Rights Management policies implemented. 4-Report about data loss prevention policies implemented. 5-Report about Azure information protection policies implemented. 6-Report about classification and labeling. 7-Presentation to the management team. 8-Deliver high-level TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of First line workers solution.

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###About Communication Square
Communication Square is a Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Gold Partner with 10 Gold Competencies. We are trusted to provide SMEs with ready solutions to help manage, migrate, and protect their data.