Designing the Hybrid Workplace with Microsoft Entra Verified ID: 2-Day workshop


To help organisations get started understanding the latest in digital identity innovation, Condatis and ITC Secure are offering a two-day workshop to explore the value of using Entra Verified ID.

Welcome to the future of work! Organisations must reinvent themselves from location-based businesses to offering human-centric models where employees and clients expect flexibility, collaboration, and management wherever they are. This creates a seismic shift for CIOs as the digital surface of their external facing services dramatically increases and poses critical questions about managing the associated risks. The foundational building block of creating a robust human-centric hybrid workplace is establishing a high-quality portable digital identity for staff, contractors, and clients. Microsoft has launched Entra Verified ID, a decentralised identity solution centred around allowing individuals to prove that they are whom they claim to be, securely hold credentials about themselves and share that data with the organisations they choose.

To help organisations get started understanding the latest in digital identity innovation using Entra Verified ID, Condatis and ITC Secure are offering a two-day workshop that explores:

  • The latest Digital Identity technologies and how these integrate with existing systems and ecosystems.
  • Common challenges across highly regulated industries
  • Opportunities to streamline HR and Operational systems for permanent and temporary staff
  • The benefits of using Entra Verified ID to tackle staff mobility challenges
  • How organisations can use Entra Verified ID can be used to track training credentials and qualifications

Workshop Outline

Day 1

  • Briefing: Entra Verified ID.
  • Deep Dive: Current challenges and use cases in your industry.
  • Exploration: Scoping session to understand your current organisational requirements and challenges.

Day 2

  • Outcomes: Knowledge transfer session.
  • Handover: Findings and recommendations documentation.
  • (Optional): Proof of Concept outline.

About Condatis

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About ITC Secure

ITC Secure is an advisory-led cyber security services company. ITC have a 25+ year track record of delivering business-critical services to over 300 blue-chip organisations – bringing together the best minds in security, a relentless focus on customer service and advanced technological expertise to help businesses succeed. With an integrated delivery model, proprietary platform and customer-first mindset, ITC work as an extension of your team throughout your cyber journey and always think not only about you, but also your customers and the reputation of your brand. ITC Secure a certified Great Place to Work® and is headquartered in London, UK. With a dynamic balance of the best in people, technology and governance, making cyber resilience your competitive advantage.

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