Azure App Modernisation Assessment : 6 Weeks


C+C will review your current application to determine how it can be rebuilt and rearchitected using a cloud first approach with Microsoft Azure.
Many existing applications which are implemented using traditional infrastructure components (even if hosted virtually) can be enhanced significantly by moving to a cloud-first architecture based on platform-as-a-service and serverless elements. The footprint of existing infrastructure can often be eliminated completely to reduce the need for OS upgrades and patching and the complexity of underlying servers and networking. Content+Cloud have demonstrable experience using modern Microsoft services to help organisations improve their application performance and end user experience. Our approach and capability using Azure or Microsoft 365 components ensures that all application design options are comprehensively considered. Our consultancy engagement commences with a 1 day discovery workshop to understand the existing application dependencies, licensing and data considerations. We also discuss security and compliance requirements and the current end-user experience. From here we move into the assessment phase to determine applicable cloud services that may form part of our design recommendations. Within 6 weeks, we are able to present a clear high level design recommendation to stakeholders which shows the benefit-realisation-per-app and recommended next steps for modernisation.