DevOps: 1-Week Assessment


In this 1-week assessment you will undergo a comprehensive review of the development process flow to create an implementation roadmap and initial project summaries.

After establishing a shared, high-level understanding of DevOps, this 1-week assessment will allow us to review your organization’s DevOps processes and maturity level, current Azure DevOps and GitHub Enterprise tooling, followed by a comprehensive DevOps analysis that includes:

  • Critical Success Factors: Establish shared understanding of DevOps and critical success factors
  • Change Capacity and Leadership: Develop high-level understanding of culture and sponsorship
  • Organization and People: Develop high-level understanding of organization model, roles, and skills
  • Standards and Processes: Establish high-level understanding of key processes, methodologies, and documentation maturity
  • Applications, Operations, and Infrastructure: Develop high-level understanding of existing technology and technology operations
  • Azure DevOps Walkthrough: Showcase how a comprehensive set of DevOps tools can help streamline development and operations
  • Current State Review: Review your organization’s approaches for testing, source control, versioning, and monitoring
  • Infrastructure Review: Assess infrastructure, reliability, and OCM
  • Implementation Roadmap: Conduct breakout sessions and develop a high-level implementation roadmap

The assessment will conclude with project summaries to address Credera’s prioritized DevOps recommendations.

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