Azure Governance: 10-Weeks Implementation

CTGlobal A/S

An Azure Governance project with CTGlobal offers a full project with workshops, design, implementation and testing, to get customers off to a good start, and ensure cost-effective, secure migration.

Azure can be hard to manage, and that is why it is crucial to define a governance strategy from the start of the cloud journey. Without a good migration strategy, organizations will end up paying a fortune in software costs, because they lose control of automation and access. And they face critical security issues, because they lose control over privileges, roles and protocols.

CTGlobal’s experts lift your Azure environment to a governed state within days, based on our best practices and automated implementation. With best practice Azure Governance, you can enforce or audit external laws and regulations, as well as internal policies, and get in control of your environment. An Azure Governance solution from CTGlobal includes the five basic disciplines: Cost Management. Security Baseline. Resource Consistency. Identity Baseline. Deployment Acceleration.

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