Migrating Workloads to Cloud: 10-Wk Implementation

Data Glove Inc. DBA Trimax Americas

Trimax provides the best offering available for re-platforming your on-premise proprietary Unix workloads and migrating them to the latest cloud platform in Azure.
Our 10-Week implementation effectively migrates Unix / Linux workloads (running on AIX, Solaris) to the cloud with minimal remediation or intervention. **Supported Source Platforms & Environments**: * Unix / Linux * AIX * Solaris * No. of servers: up to 10. * No. of Business Systems/Business Applications: up to 1. * No. of Applications: 1 custom application/1 web application (Source code remediation is out of scope). **Agenda**: **Week 1**: Business Requirement Gathering / Inventory Collection * Business overview, Cloud Migration Objectives, Current Infrastructure Overview, IT Support team overview. * Complete list of inventory to be included in migration. **Week 2**: Business System Mapping and Business System Owner Interviews * Server dependencies, Application dependencies, Resource dependencies. * Grouping of servers for assessment. **Weeks 3 and 4**: Assessment and Planning * Assessment report per business system. * Migration options and recommendations. * Migration Strategy. **Weeks 5 and 6**: Migration Planning * Deliverables – Migration Plan * Risks and Mitigation Plan. * Processes and Procedures. * T-Minus Schedule. * Migration Checklist. * Communication Plan for migration. * Roll back plan, process and procedures. * Validation Plan. **Weeks 7-10 (4 Weeks)**: Migration * Deliverables – Complete Business system Migration. * Complete Migration checklist. * Post Migration Validation – 2 days Post Completed Migration * Completed Migration validation report. Cloud Foundation, Tenant and Networking is a separate offering.