SQL Managed Services

Emergent Software

Outsource the management of your mission-critical Azure SQL and on-premises SQL Server infrastructure to a team of senior DBAs offering proactive monitoring, fast alert response & performance tuning.

Benefits of SQL Managed Services

With SQL Managed Services from Emergent Software, you’ll get proactive monitoring & support of your Azure SQL, Azure SQL Managed Instances, and on-premises SQL Server infrastructure. With Azure Arc and Defender for Cloud, we provide a single pane of glass for monitoring & managing your entire SQL estate.

  • Access a team of Senior DBAs with extensive knowledge of Azure & SQL Server
    • Our team of experienced database administrators specialize in both Azure SQL and on-premises SQL Server environments. They’re always on top of the latest features and evolving industry best practices.
    • You’ll never lack coverage during vacations or when you receive a 2-week notice and need to scramble for a replacement.
  • 24x7 real-time monitoring
    • We use Azure Arc and other expertly tuned tools including designed for monitoring all of your databases in Azure and on-premises.
    • With Emergent, you get fast response times to critical alerts in your chosen response time window.
  • Ensure business continuity
    • We tune your point-in-time recovery (PITR) settings and long term retention (LTR) backups on each Azure SQL database and configure proper database backup procedures on-premises to meet your RPO & RTO requirements.
  • Achieve data protection and security
    • We use Azure Defender for Cloud to ensure security best practices for both your cloud and on-premises databases.
    • With Azure Arc, data classification and encryption policies are easily enforced.
  • Avoid disaster scenarios
    • Proactive monitoring and fast alert responses mean your Azure SQL and on-premises SQL Server environments are healthy and issues are resolved before they become disasters.
  • Be in the know with regular health checks
    • With quarterly review meetings and/or detailed reports delivered to your inbox, you can rest assured with the knowledge your database environment is healthy & secure
  • Improve database performance
    • We perform regular index tuning to optimize queries executed by your ERP and/or other line of business applications.
    • Our SQL developers create high-speed stored procedures and ETL processes using Azure Data Factory or SSIS.
  • Reduce licensing costs
    • We ensure you’re not overpaying by consolidating databases into Azure SQL elastic pools or shared SQL Server infrastructure.
    • We’ll help you migrate workloads to Azure for increased flexibility and reduced management costs.

SQL Managed Services includes:

  • Real-time Azure SQL and SQL Server monitoring with customized alerting
  • Azure Arc enablement of your on-premises databases
  • Critical Issue Response Time Commitment (RTC)
  • Non-critical issue response within one business day
  • Guaranteed professional services hourly rate
  • Access to online support portal for ticket submission
  • Custom backup and maintenance plans for both Azure & on-premises databases
  • Database backup monitoring
  • Quarterly database health check and security audit
  • Query tuning and database development services