Kickstart Cloud for ISVs - 2-Hr workshop

Equinox Limited

Equinox IT Kickstart Cloud will help you deliver faster customer value, help you grow using the Microsoft Azure platform and continuously improve your software business.

You’re juggling a lot as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV)! You can’t do it all alone. The Kickstart Cloud for ISV's - 2-Hr workshop is step 1 of helping you move to the Azure Cloud Platform, safely, quickly and cost effectively. This complementary workshop will give you an assessment and recommendations document that will allow you to take a more informed decision on taking your solution to Azure. You can also choose to take the next step and create a road-map on getting your solution Azure-ready.

Moving to the cloud may be one of your most important steps for the future success of your business. Many of today's most successful businesses leverage cloud to provide better customer experiences, quicker delivery of products, enable new business models, and support agile ways of working. In short, cloud can offer strategic advantages compared to those businesses who have either not explored cloud or have fallen into the cloud pitfalls. True value doesn’t come from simply moving IT systems as they are today into cloud. When building or re-imagining a cloud environment you should start with 'why'. Why do you want to move to the cloud? What are you looking to achieve? In other words, you want to work out where you are going, so that you can take the right road to get you there.

Equinox IT Kickstart Cloud is a 3 step approach which allows you to plan for cloud, build a reliable & secure Azure cloud, enable DevOps and put your business on the path for continuous improvement. This offer is for Step 1 of 3. Kickstart Cloud helps you achieve: Faster delivery of value, Reduced cost and complexity, Improved business continuity, Greater flexibility and agility, Confidence in your Azure cloud platform.

Equinox IT is a pragmatic New Zealand-owned technical IT consultancy that offers Cloud, DevOps & Agile and Business Transformation services to help clients succeed. We bring the factors critical to ISV Cloud success.