Cloud Economics Accelerator: Six Week Assessment


This builds organisations a financial model for transitioning to Azure cloud, helping you create a business case to move from on-premises/hosted infrastructure.

The Fujitsu Cloud Economics Accelerator delivers a complete Azure financial model that will help your organization understand your upfront and hidden costs and maximize your Azure investment by providing:

  • Current state discovery & analysis
  • Cost Savings – Articulate both the Return on Investment (ROI), and lowering of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the move to cloud
  • Staff productivity – improved tools and automation
  • Operational reliance – higher availability & security
  • Business agility – rapidly add and change infrastructure to support business
  • This is performed over 4-6 weeks. Fujitsu will form a joint team to rapidly develop a financial model using our cloud experience, Microsoft and Partner tools, and methodology. The financial model is based on data compared to industry standards, and realistic assumptions to support your business case.



  • Walk through the financial model
  • Confirm team roles and scope
  • Assess current system inventory
  • Automated Discovery (Optional)

  • Automated infrastructure discovery
  • Automated network infrastructure scan
  • Collect infrastructure specifications and time-series utilisation information
  • Information for VM right sizing and Microsoft licensing

    Initial Assessment

  • Review collected data
  • Load data into assessment tool
  • Generate initial financial model and review
  • Revise Draft Assessment

  • Revise data sets and assumptions
  • Generate what-if scenarios for comparison
  • Deliver Final Report

  • Deliver completed financial model (Presentation and documents)
  • Compares traditional infrastructure vs cloud costs – including migration
  • Provides tailored Azure architecture and pricing model
  • Deliverables

  • Financial Model Report
  • Presentation Summary
  • Financial Model Spreadsheet