OpenAI services on Azure: 4-hours workshop

Futurice Oy

Overview of OpenAI services on Azure available today, use case scenarios and technical capabilities

This workshop is designed to inspire your team and give a solid overview of OpenAI services available today on Azure. The workshop participation model is virtual by default through Microsoft Teams, but can be arranged in-classroom in selected locations.

The agenda and difficulty level of technical content is depending on attending audience. It can be adopted to the following target audiences: Business Decision Makers, Technical Decision Makers, CIO/CMO, Data Scientists, Developers. Recommended number of participants: up to 10.

During the workshop participants will learn about following topics:

Use cases for large-scale pretrained OpenAI models such as writing assistance, code generation, and reasoning over data. Technical overview of OpenAI services on Azure, available models and customization capabilities. Responsible AI principles and practices applied to OpenAI services on Azure