Zerto to Azure: 10-Week Implementation


Zerto to Azure integration provides protection from disasters by publishing data into the Azure cloud and ensuring processes are restored with tight RTO and RPO configurations.

Among businesses today, disaster recovery processes are essential in order to remain compliant and avoid potential downtime due to an unexpected outage. In integrating Zerto with Microsoft's Azure cloud, accessibility and maintenance of information are taken care of on the back end, thus allowing a company's IT personnel to focus on more critical tasks.

Prior to disaster recovery in the cloud, issues revolve around the costs of maintaining hardware and software required to transition seamlessly during a disaster event. In many scenarios, failing over in the event of an unplanned disaster is a complex process that can tie up IT personnel for hours on end.

Zerto helps enable true business continuity and disaster recovery so organizations can avoid costly outages that could cause applications to be down for hours or even days.

Pricing for the solution is estimated, as the amount of applications and data files to be incorporated in a back-up or disaster recovery scenario differ based on the clients needs and expectations.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Ongoing replication
  • Data Governance
  • Security and protection
  • Ensure apps work when they are needed most
  • Test against recovery plans and copies of production workloads
  • Stop maintaining secondary data center or colocation facilities for fail-over purposes


  • Phase 1 is Week 1 which includes Zerto Architectural Design Session
  • Phase 2 is Week 2 which involves Design Azure Network Infrastructure
  • Phase 3 are Weeks 3 to 8 for Implementing Disaster Recovery using Zerto
  • Phase 4 are Weeks 9 to 10 for Implementing Automatic Failover In Event Of A Disaster and Project Sign Off