Heroes IoT Insights: 4 week-implementation

Heroes B.V.

With IoT Insights you are able to quickly transform your IoT data into actionable insights.

With IoT Insights you are able to quickly transform your IoT data into actionable insights. These actionable insights enable i.e. factories to improve uptime of operating lines, increase product quality output and predict maintenance activities.

At the start of the 4 weeks program we define the scope together with the client. This is done by means of an exploration and design workshop. After 4 weeks we have implemented the IoT Insights Azure architecture on the client’s Azure environment, connected a pre-defined selection of machines, configured the pre-defined data analytics and showing the results of the automated data analytics by the cloud platform in a pre-defined dashboard.

The IoT Insights Azure architecture consumes the following Azure resources:

· Azure DevOps · Azure Blob Storage · Azure Functions · Azure Key Vault · Azure Machine Learning Studio · Azure Database for PostgreSQL · Power BI

When a client enables the of the IoT Insights cloud architecture on their Azure environment, a variety of Azure services are used. When his initiative around IoT grows, the Azure services automatically scale with the client needs.

With IoT Insights we have a complete Microsoft Azure architecture running on the client’s environment within a few days. This eliminates the process of Azure architecture design and development and quickly results in the consumption of Azure services. Furthermore, after implementation the focus will be on scaling out the IoT Insights Platform, thus scaling the use of the underlying Azure services