Power Automate Your Contracts and Procurement Processes- 2 Weeks Proof of Concept

Idea Entity Corp

Prove how to simplify the way you manage your contract and procurement processes with Idea Entity’s Proof of Concept Offering

Idea Entity provides consulting services to accelerate organizational change through functional empathy that creates people first experiences with productive business outcomes. Our "Change Management" and "Work from Anywhere" services maximize Microsoft technologies to connect people and processes with innovation.

As a Microsoft Gold partner with proficiency in Azure and Microsoft 365, we deliver Modern Work, Business Application solutions that optimize and accelerate the digital transformation journey for enterprise and government organizations worldwide.

Leveraging Azure Data Services & Azure App Services will allow Idea Entity to build apps for any use case scenario and provides capabilities to fully manage and create powerful cloud applications. In addition, Azure AI and Azure ML tools and frameworks will be available for Idea Entity to create machine learning and artificial intelligence services. Deploying this solution on Azure provides the customer the flexibility to move compute resources as needed, supports multiple operating systems, 99.5% availability SLA, 24x7 tech support, supports data housing in geo-synchronous data centers, and economical because, they will only pay for what they use.

Though our Proof of Concept offering uncover how to power automate your organization’s contracting and procurement processes to create business success. Automating contracting and procurement workflows will allow you to lower costs through enterprise-wide visibility, increase efficiency through notifications, alerts, data validation, help menus, and date entry guides, leading to a positive impact on your business. The Proof of Concept identifies a specific use case scenario for optimizing and automating contracting processes. Through the POC we will prototype the functionality of the use-case for a minimal viable product (MVP) to verify the real-life application of the contracting workflow automation concept.

Proof of Concept Includes • Identify and confirm key priorities for project workflows automation • Piloting exercise to confirm end to end functionality of a minimal viable product (MVP) • Conduct demos and feedback sessions to confirm business decision-maker and end user requirements are achieved • Establish of end-to-end knowledge graphs for workflows and processes • Explore innovation and development need for future features and functionality • Define compliance and governance models for enterprise automation, training, and support

Business Benefits of Proof of Concept • Build an enterprise-wide Microsoft 365 based system to capture all contracts to reduce time and costs by optimizing everyday tasks with intelligent automation • Improve spending visibility, increase approval efficiencies, optimize contracts, and reduce backlogs with an integrated standardized process • Unify data across a single platform for better visibility across categories, spend, and timelines • Empower teams to effectively collaborate and improve productivity by integrating apps and automating workflows • Demonstrated proof of features and functionality for optimization and automation • Business insights of how a contract workflow solution can for decision makers and end users • Understand how to achieve business agility through iterative functional improvement modeling • Validation of rapid deployment, security, and scalability • Builds a value proposition that includes long-term and short-term goals of return on investment with reduced time by the team to manage contracts, optimize contracts, approval efficiencies, visibility across the organization, and automated workflows