App of the Future Greenfield Envisioning & Design: 5-Day Workshop

InCycle Software

InCycle's App of the Future offer provides a Microsoft funded 5-day engagement to quickly envision, prototype and design an Azure app showcasing target use case and business impact.

Every company is now a software company. Yet, many organizations struggle to envision what their App of the Future could look like. To stay relevant in the new digital economy, organizations must transform how they engage customers through apps that are intelligent, centered on customer experience, and ready to take business to the future.

To help organizations harness the power of cloud services to accelerate innovation and minimize time to market, InCycle, offers an Azure App of the Future workshop. In this engagement, InCycle will conduct a design workshop to uncover your top business objectives, ideate on solutions, create a rapid Azure prototype and reference architecture design for the newly envisioned application on Azure.

Workshop Agenda:

Day 1 - Ideation and discovery Day 2 - Backlog and Azure prototype development Day 3 - Azure prototype development and review Day 4 - Azure solution architecture design Day 5 - Azure demo day and solution presentation

Workshop Deliverables:

  1. Envisioning workshop to uncover business goals and ideate on potential solutions
  2. Rapid prototyping to showcase use case and illustrate key functionality on Azure
  3. Azure cloud service and architecture design
  4. Feature prioritization, project estimate and costing

Customers can expect to quickly achieve business outcomes by translating an application vision, whether greenfield or to replace an existing app, in to a "ready to execute" Azure app architecture and execution plan --- all in an accelerated timeline.

*Note, customers may elect to expand engagement and use funding to offset overall cost.