Cloud Disaster Recovery : 2-Wk Discovery & Implementation

ITI Inc.

Through a 2-week easy engagement, we will work with customers to do adiscovery and implement a disaster recovery solution for your on-premises workload

A disaster recovery solution for your on-premises workloads is a crucial component of a company's business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan.

This cloud disaster recovery offering will cover everything needed to enable replication of your machines to Azure. A discovery phase will reduce the risk of issues in the process, all while providing you with documentation on every single server you have. Then, leveraging best-in-class, native tools, we will replicate your machines to Azure so that you can failover should a disaster occur.

During this two week engagement, we provide the following services:

First week (Discovery and preparation):
• Discovery: Inventory of physical and/or virtual servers (list of servers, operating system, ressources) • Document: Gather information on all servers (installed services and patches)

Second week (Implementation): • Prepare: Replication tool implementation • Replicate: Replication policies, initial replication • Test Failover: Test failover to Azure (offline mode), assess, adjustments as necessary • Knowledge transfer and hand-off to your administrators • Provide as-built documentation

The implementation includes: - Implementation over your existing and functional Azure Landing Zone

Important note: The pricing is per Virtual machine or physical server

For 30 years, ITI has combined the energy and innovation of a start-up with the experience of a firmly established company. With 450 employees who hold a total of 1,400 certifications, ITI provides high-level expertise to serve more than 2,000 clients. ITI’s Azure team is a leader in this practice, with thousands of hours of experience working on hundreds of architecture, implementation, migration and modernization projects. ITI’s methodical approach is based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, which enables organizations, both public and private, to plan and execute their migration at a sustainable pace and reap benefits from it in the early stages.