Build Roadmaps in Azure DevOps: 5-Day Workshop

iTrellis LLC

A 5-day workshop that helps participants learn how to build meaningful Roadmaps in Azure DevOps, led by Microsoft Partners and experienced Technology Program Managers.

Build Roadmaps in Boards!

This 5-day Azure DevOps (ADO) workshop helps you and your teams build meaningful Roadmaps in Boards through Portfolio++™. The meeting days are "hands on". Each day builds on the accomplishments of the previous day. We realize every organization moves at its own pace, and we will schedule meeting days at a pace that allows participants with the time needed to complete their work in between meetings.

DAY 1: Define your Organization in Boards

  • Scope (Projects / Areas)
  • Teams (Project Administrators / Project Teams)
  • Development process desired (Process Templates)
  • Major Initiatives (Epics / Features)

DAY 2: Identify Work

  • If you are new to ADO, we will help you define your work in a new Project.
  • If you have an existing ADO Project, we will help you Tag relevant work and migrate it.
  • If you are using other tools, we will help you import it.

DAY 3: Categorize Work

Once work is defined, we will help you put it in "the right place" (Projects / Epics / Features). We will also discuss team agreements in ADO that help to promote consistent use of Boards, making work easier to find, and Roadmaps more easily understood.

DAY 4: Plan Work

Next, we will help you move Work Items into current and future development Iterations (Sprints) that are defined for your Projects. We also discuss capacity, cross-team Dependencies, and Milestones during this exercise.

DAY 5: Roadmapping!

Using Portfolio++™, we will help you create different Roadmap views for different audiences. We will discuss how to customize your Roadmaps using different settings, filters, and quality assurance techniques.