Cloud Transformation- 4 week Assessment*

NIIT Technologies Limited

NIIT Technologies Ltd.’s Cloud Transformation Service helps containerizing an old and legacy application and transforming them into a cloud based modern architecture.


NIIT Technologies Ltd. is a leading global IT solutions provider, applying in-depth domain expertise in BFS, Insurance, and travel and transportation industry. Cloud Transformation is safeguarding customers from the fear of missing the next big thing for their organization. The challenges in the industry are to decide on the starting point of the transformation process, application management and complex procedures. A speedy and effective cloud transformation process becomes the need of the hour for organizations.



NIIT Technologies Ltd.;s Cloud Transformation Service helps in initiating the transformation journey by containerizing an old and legacy application and transforming them into a cloud based modern architecture at a lightning speed. We leverage Azure VDI for fast-track and risk free VDI migrations and transformations. Apart from VDI transformations. Transformation doesn't require to change the existing code thus organizations can avoid the callous operational risk and complexities.


INDUSTRY FOCUS: Insurance, Banking and Financial Services and Travel, Transportation and Hospitality, Manufacturing



  • Transforms complex build and deployment cycles into agile CI/CD pipelines using DevOps
  • Centralized desktop management, improved security, and reduced IT overhead
  • Containers for application packaging & Kubernetes for orchestration
  • Monitors and log through monitoring systems like Prometheus and FluentD
  • Modern workplace solutions using office 365 and SharePoint


BUSINESS USERS: CTO, Lead architects, program managers, delivery heads, product heads, CIO

*Note: Cost and Time mentioned can be revised based on the requirement/discussion.