Move Your Current ERP into Azure: 1-Day Assessment

Altron Karabina

Altron Karabina is highly experienced in the ERP and financial system arena and has a solution to enable you to move from your on-premise ERP into the Azure cloud.

Many organisations are running business critical systems on their own hardware or in a data centre that they are responsible for. The most critical business system is the ERP and financial system. Without these systems, organisations are unable to invoice their customers and keep track of their incoming and outgoing payments. If these systems are unreliable or unavailable, or the hardware is aging, it is highly detrimental to the business' success. With aging hardware and shrinking budgets, the cost of replacing hardware is high.

On average, internally managed business-critical environments are only available 85% of the time. Typically your workloads for business critical systems such as ERP are required at the beginning/end of the month. This is when your servers tend to go down.

Why move your on-premise ERP to the Azure cloud?

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Faster deployments
  • Highly secure
  • Elastic - Not constrained by purchased hardware size, performance and storage
  • Compliant to local and global data regulations (GDPR + POPI)
  • Faster upgrades and updates
  • Disaster recovery and uptime is over 99%
  • Reduced strain on internal IT resources

*Using our experts in the field, Altron Karabina will migrate your ERP solutions into the Azure cloud, including databases, legacy applications and/or homegrown ERP systems.

Engagement Process


  • 1 Day assessment, which covers:
  • Understanding your current ERP infrastructure
  • Uncover your current pains and issues with your existing environment
  • Uncover your current risk and exposure
  • Identify the migration steps
  • Discuss your ERP roadmap
  • Right size your Azure cloud licensing needs


  • The roadmap uncovered in the assessment.