IBM Power - Azure Migration: 5-Day Assessment

Meridian IT Inc

Understand the Scope and Requirements to Migrate Your IBM Power Workloads (IBM i and AIX) to Skytap on Azure

IBM Power workloads (IBM i and AIX) require special consideration before migrating to the cloud. Meridian’s IBM Power Workload Requirements Analysis helps clients gain insight into their readiness for cloud adoption. Meridian will gain a deep understanding of your requirements, determine the value of cloud adoption, and the scope of migrating to the cloud.

The Requirements Analysis includes a comprehensive analysis of your existing IT infrastructure along with a roadmap to migrate your IBM Power workloads to Skytap on Azure. Skytap is a service in Azure that natively runs IBM Power and x86 traditional workloads on hardware in Azure data centers.

Keeping best practices in mind, recommendations will be presented to ensure IBM Power Workload (IBM i and AIX) are seamlessly migrated to Skytap on Azure.

Key Questions Addressed

  • Which IBM Power workloads are cloud-ready?
  • What Skytap on Azure configurations are needed to support the workloads?
  • What are the data backup and disaster recovery components?
  • What methodology will be used for migration? What activities are needed?

Key Outcomes
  • Understand your current environment in terms of cloud readiness
  • Determine the ROI of adopting a cloud computing strategy
  • Identify cloud sizing and management requirements
  • Obtain recommendation for a Skytap on Azure cloud migration
  • Understand budget requirements