Appliance migration to Azure Synapse – 3 Weeks assessment

Mindtree Limited

Swift migration of your current Data warehouse solutions to Azure Synapse quickly.

Accelerate your current cloud journey by adopting modern data platforms and migrate your current Data warehouse in On-premises/Other clouds to Azure synapse with Mindtree’s self-migration solution. Below are the core features of our solution:

  1. True Platform - Provides platform which accelerates swift migration of On-Prem Data warehouses/Cloud DW to Cloud Data warehouses.
  2. Self Service - Customers can configure their DW and test the migration by themselves.
  3. Automation enabled – It helps with below functionalities: a. Automated assessment and reporting b. Automated data type conversion and schema conversion c. Automated movement of data. d. Automated Reconciliation and reporting.
  4. Always ON - Always on UI & logics which are 24x7 live and working platform – ready as MVP and readily deployable
  5. Technology Agnostic – Supports migration from all source data warehouses like Snowflake, BigQuery, RedShift, GreenPlum, Teradata, Netezza, Oracle.

The logical solution view depicted on the right has the flow in which the data migration is performed and is as below:

  1. Supports all data warehouses as source - Snowflake, BigQuery, RedShift, GreenPlum, Teradata, Netezza, Oracle.
  2. Source DW Analyzer: This provides assessment and fitment analysis for the source and its support on Synapse dedicated pool. It analyses the data type support, schemas, DML and generates fitment analysis report. Azure Synapse Pathway would be used for assessment and report generation.
  3. Lexer, Parser and Optimizer: The SQL statements are broken into logical tokens and parsed using set of parser rules. The schema is generated and optimized for synapse dedicated SQL pool support. It is augmented by Master optimization rules catalog and dictionary which can be enriched according to customer’s requirements.
  4. Data Migrator – Scripts are generated for all DDL, DML and data is migrated at scale to Azure Synapse. The source target metadata is captured for data governance in Azure data catalog.
  5. Reconciler – The source and target data are validated and reconciled. The report is generated for reference.


  1. Jump Start your migration: 50% efficiency and time to market through automation and swift migration to Azure Synapse
  2. Customization and Test: Self-service capabilities with dedicated environments for each of our customers and work along with Mindtree team to customize solutions as needed.
  3. Reduced Cost-per-Insight: 30% migration effort saving and ability for quick MVP with less turn-around time. Easy to productionalize since it is completely automated.
  4. Establish a Data and Analytics Marketplace: Ability to leverage our unified platform to initiate data sharing in Marketplace. Metadata driven data pipeline design which enables automated sharing.