SQL Modernization - 2 Week Assessment

Networking Planet

Collect Analyze and Plan for SQL Modernization with a focus on Azure Cloud Enablement

At Networking Planet, we provide a very prescriptive assessment focused on helping your organization as you evaluate your data estate options in Microsoft Azure. We have expertise in Microsoft SQL solutions as many of our team members have spent time both as Microsoft employees and enterprise customers migrating SQL to Azure. We’ve listed below the assessment engagement to help on this modernization journey to the cloud:

  • Microsoft SQL Assessment up to 50x SQL servers evaluating versions, cloud readiness, Microsoft SQL licensing, Azure Hybrid Use Benefits, and potential risk areas.

  • The output of the Assessment will generate options for migration and identify Azure SQL candidates with a detailed
    plan for migration showing best options for either SQL PaaS or SQL IaaS in Azure.

  • We will review the configuration and settings of the currently deployed SQL servers to identify any challenges with migration and/or upgrades needed for movement into the Azure Infrastructure.

  • As the assessment is completed, we will provide a guided path where Networking Planet can help to both assess performance, consolidation, documentation, migration, and optimization transitioning your SQL servers into Azure.

** Please note that SQL 2012 End of Life is occurring on 7/12/2022 and ESU's will be required for extended support. After this date, these products will no longer receive security updates, non-security updates, bug fixes, or technical support. ** - SQL Server 2012 End of Support | Microsoft Docs