App Factory 4-Week Implementation


Modernize your entire IT landscape by taking your applications on their own journey and jumpstarting migration to Microsoft Azure with New Signature’s App Factory.

Each application across your estate is unique, and each will have its own journey to the cloud. New Signature’s App Factory is a structured, comprehensive framework to assess, migrate and modernize your applications to Microsoft’s Azure platform. Some applications may only be capable of rehosting, while some you may be able to refactor. For others, you’ll choose to invest in rearchitecting, and a handful may be rebuilt or replaced.

Assessment: The first step is to assess your current IT environment. By profiling and understanding your workloads, we can begin to determine the best strategy as your applications move toward Azure. We categorize your applications by their complexity and value and use that information to determine if those applications should be migrated or modernized.

Migration: The majority of an existing enterprise IT environment will typically be migrated to the cloud. A migration motion encompasses rehosting and a degree of refactoring, taking advantage of IaaS or some PaaS capabilities. A migration motion does not require modification of the code of the underlying application.

Modernization For a subset of your application environment, you’ll want to invest in heavier refactoring or full re-architecture, creating cloud-native applications with platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technology. This allows you to make better use of the underlying Azure platform. For applications you want to modernize, you’ll need to have access to the underlying source code and be prepared to adjust it into a cloud native application.

Legacy Applications to SaaS For some of your oldest applications, a move to Azure won’t make sense. You’ll want to replace them with an easy to consume, highly customizable SaaS offering from providers including Microsoft and other extensible partners. You’ll be able to innovate at speed with full integration into your main Azure environment.