DevOps: 5-Day Assessment

Cognizant MBG

New Signature’s DevOps Assessment is the beginning of your DevOps journey and lays the foundation for changes in tools and processes that will enable teams to collaborate and deliver value faster.

DevOps sits at the intersection of people, processes and technology and has the potential to accelerate delivery of your ideas and grow your business more quickly. DevOps enables innovation to be delivered to customers quickly and leverages automation to ensure your solutions work first time, every time, enabling companies to better compete in today’s fast-paced market. But where should your organization begin with this transformation? We help you learn more about DevOps and gauge your organization’s maturity within a DevOps model. Through workshops and road-mapping sessions, we can deliver recommendations to transform your business through the power of DevOps.

How will DevOps benefit people? Moving to a DevOps model means big changes to how people across your development and operations team interact with each other. These changes can be disruptive so it’s vital you understand them and how best to align your teams for success.

How will DevOps benefit processes? DevOps also has a dramatic impact on your existing change, release and deployment processes. Better understanding how to move from the ways you do things today to how you will do them tomorrow is vital for your initiative to succeed.

How will DevOps benefit Technology? Legacy, on premises, toolsets are not going to give you the results you need. Leveraging cloud-native tools such as Azure DevOps and GitHub will turbocharge your development.

Breakdown of our 5-day DevOps Assessment:

Day 0 Pre Engagement: Discovery questionnaire and identification of participants.

Day 1 Kick-off & Value Workshop: Overview of your applications and teams. Half-day workshop on the value of DevOps.

Day 2-3 Workshops & Interviews: Review current processes for software development lifecycle. Assess and document current DevOps maturity.

Day 4 DevOps Roadmap: Identify high-value opportunities for improvement. Define implementation roadmap.

Day 5 Review and Next Steps: Present findings and review next steps.