Azure Fundamentals Workshop - 1 Day

Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

The purpose of this consulting offering is to provide customers with the necessary foundation in order to be able to leverage Azure with full capabilities.

Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Concepts This module will give a brief overview of why cloud computing is advantageous to any company, the different cloud service models, & use cases for a private, public, or hybrid cloud model.

Module 2: Computing Services This module introduces the core services Azure provides to host applications and services.

Module 3: Networking This module will discuss how Azure provides networking capabilities across a vast area of data centers around the world.

Module 4: Databases In this module, the data types and volumes that Azure can hold are listed and explained as well as the database services that Azure provides.

Module 5: Web Services This module discusses the many tools that Azure provides to build and host web and/or HTTP-based services.

Module 6: IoT/Big Data This module introduces the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) & Big Data. After giving an overview of how each concept is important in today's industry, the core services that Azure provides to obtain IoT/Big Data capabilities are listed and explained.

Module 7: AI/Machine Learning & Azure Cognitive Services This module gives an overview of what AI & machine learning are as well as the main services Azure provides to obtain that capability. This section will also discuss how Azure Cognitive Services are related and which ones to use in conjunction with the AI/Machine Learning services to maximize your cloud efficiency!

Module 8: Azure Cost Management This module will discuss introduce pricing options for Azure. Then, customers will understand how to manage costs when leveraging any cloud space like Azure as well as obtain an understanding of howAzure SLAs (Service level agreements) work in order to choose the right Azure service to use.

Module 9: Getting Started in Azure This module will allow customers to get some hands-on experience with Azure by creating an account and navigating the Azure Portal to become introduced to Azure core services.