Cloud Cost Optimization : 6 Weeks Assessment

NIIT Technologies Limited

NIIT provides end to end cost management and cost optimization solution for your workloads on the cloud enabling customer to analyze their spend by resource and by project, giving them more clarity


NIIT’s FinOps Offering is a strong analytics and consulting platform for the customer to fully understand their cost and put the right lever to optimize their spend both before and after the migration to cloud. We do pre-migration optimization to ensure that we migrate only what is needed and we also do post-migration optimization to ensure that all unused resources are removed, RIs are in place to ensure maximum ROI from your investments in the cloud.

About the Solution:

According to research by Softchoice, 57% of IT leaders have exceeded their cloud budget at one point or another. Twenty percent have exceeded it by more than 20%. Any organization investing in the cloud, to any extent, can experience cost overruns. Our cost optimization practice is based on the following broad pillars

  • Pre-Migration assessment and optimization – We analyze what is needed, what is underused and needs to be downsized, what will run 24*7 while what can run for lesser hours and then create the most optimized BOM for the customer to ensure ROI right from day one.
  • Post-Migration Optimization – Moving all 24*7 resources to RI, removing all the additional resources created during migration, back-up policies should be configured with incremental mode.

Key Features/ Benefits: Some of the key features/ Benefits of our solution are:

  • Definite ROI from the migration to cloud
  • Cost control and complete awareness of the spend
  • Visible metrics to make more informed decisions
  • Leveraging current licenses which still have some life left
  • Most optimized infrastructure landscape
  • On-going cost optimization with our consult hours

Industry Focus:

Charity (Non-profit organizations), Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Travel Transportation and Hospitality, Manufacturing