SAP on Azure

Petabytz Inc

PetaBytz has expertise solutions for SAP on Azure Cloud, we have proven in SAP Workload Assessment and Migration Service, to help develop an effective strategy integrating with the Microsoft Azure.

SAP customers preparing to migrate their on-premises SAP applications to the Microsoft Azure Cloud face a massive undertaking made more complex by legacy networks that impede migrations. SAP has forged a unique collaboration with Microsoft that accelerates SAP Azure Cloud adoption.

PetaBytz has expertise solutions for SAP on Microsoft Azure Cloud, We Migrate Near-Zero Custom-building Azure migration of any OS/DB/Cloud/DC to supported target OS/DB/Azure/DC or SAP upgrade + OS/DB migration. Our solution supports any type of SAP system in addition to the optimized migration of old 4. x SAP systems to Azure. Business Continuity, Customized High Availability, and Disaster Recovery to keep SAP on Azure workloads running no matter what. Our SAP DRaaS solution leverages next-generation recovery technologies to ensure the rapid and reliable recovery of your SAP environment both locally and remotely.


SAP On Microsoft Azure Cloud Assessments and migrations vary in scale, duration, cost, and complexity and can be tailored to fit your customer’s needs. Our service is relevant for all sizes of migration from the single server workload too large enterprise-scale challenges.

Key Advantages:

By migrating your SAP to Microsoft Azure, you gain

  1. Unparalleled security

  2. On-demand scalability

  3. Unmatched predictive insights

  4. Robust cloud infrastructure

  5. Reducing Capex significantly.

  6. You also get advanced tools, which streamline operations, enjoy stringent backup, and are provided with disaster recovery policies/features, which lead to high availability.

Key Deliverables:

  1. New deployments: Test, QA, and DEV environments

  2. SAP upgrade tests

  3. Homogeneous migration

  4. Heterogeneous migration

  5. Target systems for Azure Disaster Recovery.